Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) encompasses beliefs, behaviors, and sustainable initiatives tantamount to operating within a global community. Typically CSR includes community involvement, diversity and inclusion, cultural awareness, health, safety, and environmental sustainability. ARCUS assists with overcoming challenges in five core areas which arise within most CSR programs:

  • Determining what CSR initiatives are right for the company - not all companies can do all things, even though they may want to; ARCUS identifies and clarifies optimal initiatives
  • Identifying the business case for gaining buy-in from teams, departments, and divisions to support CSR initiatives companywide; not everyone is driven by the same things
  • Developing clear messaging to effectively communicate core initiatives from the enterprise level to divisions, customers, shareholders, and communities 
  • Activating initiatives - project mapping, project management, and team building
  • Measuring and demonstrating impact on company growth, cost reduction, community engagement, brand loyalty, company awareness, and the environment 

Doing the right thing is crucial, however being able to maximize and quantify activity allows companies to be able to give back to their communities tenfold.

One of the most effective (companies) I have worked with.
— CEO, Transportation Company