ARCUS Innovation Challenges are custom designed initiatives to address client needs with an integrative, experiential approach to employee engagement. ARCUS first works with clients to understand key areas which have a need for improvement, then designs a comprehensive engagement platform which challenges employees in an innovative, fun, manner. Our team provides resources to activate initiatives including conceptualization, project and event management, communications, metrics, and creative components. Innovation Challenges could span 3 to 12 months and are often institutionalized into the fabric of an organization. Results include increased productivity, morale, motivation, quality, communication, service, inclusion, team work, retention, talent development, sales, and loyalty. Getting employees actively engaged has been proven to produce high performing, sustainable organizations. 

Productivity increased, quality scores went up, and employee survey results improved. These events are viewed as ‘life-changing’ experiences for many of our employees.
— EVP, Human Resources, Transportation Company